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I am motivated by visualizing mark making, process, and the notion of palimpsest, using forms and gestural marks, echoing the flow of calligraphy, the rhythm of dancers using their bodies to generate invisible lines by curling, moving, pressing and lifting, and the ideation of ones path and journey. My ceramic sculptures and object designs are an exploration of capturing paths of movement in the form of three-dimensional lines and further investigating the rhythm, harmony, and interactions of these pathways through form, surface and color. Various types of three-dimensional lines of clay that bend, curve, twist, and curl create these energetic marks like calligraphic brushstrokes. I then assemble, layer, and balance these forms to capture line and plane in motion. These compositions range from pieces sitting side by side to a delicate balancing act of pieces stacking on top of one another. Similar to paths in life they touch, overlap, cross, and even pass without meeting. The literal balance of marks and the symbolic balance of various textures and colors in my sculptures motivate me to develop new marks and a new aesthetic vocabulary. To accompany my forms, color is also essential because I am intrigued by how colors can communicate similar to written words with their own vitality.

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